Sailing Indonesia

Cruise this nation of islands on a traditional Pinisi wooden sailing ship. Indonesia has more than 17,800 islands with 70% of them uninhabited. Untouched by the tourist crowd, who believe Indonesia starts and ends at Bali airport, this sailing adventure on Al Iikai is not to be missed. Our Bugis built, two masted, 37 meter long ship provides a home away from home for your Indonesian sailing adventure.


Indonesian Island Tours The nation of Indonesia consists of spectacular islands surrounded by unexplored underwater worlds. Active volcanoes, marine lakes, and a mix of black and white sand beaches are some of the incredible components of this “Ring of Fire.” Indonesians are an ethnic mix of Chinese from the West to the Papuans in the East. Whatever their ancestry Indonesians are unfailingly welcome to visitors from afar.


It is, a cultural and physically diverse, wonderland. Indonesian Island Sail will take you there. It will be an adventure. It will be educational. There will be time for exploration of national parks with unique flora and fauna. And there will be plenty of time in the water to experience “The Coral Triangle.”


Indonesia Sailing Cruise Adventure A trip with Indonesian Sail is for young and old. They are not diving trips, but we do spend a large amount of quality time in the water snorkeling. An unprecedented level of water safety and assistance will enable even the most nervous guest immerse themselves in the beauty below the surface. Coral reef gardens, drift snorkels, marine critters – large and small, will entrance even the most jaded traveller.


Shore visits provide an opportunity to discover exotic flora and fauna. Unique tiny orchids clinging to limestone outcrops, the carnivorous pitcher plant, the cheeky monkeys, the fearsome Komodo dragons – are all waiting to be discovered.


The trips are a mix of days at sea fishing. snorkeling reefs and mangroves, late afternoon cooking classes, market visits, and other chances to immerse yourself in this country that is Indonesia. Beach barbeques at night, on uninhabited islands, star gazing, and satellite watching enter another dimension with the absence of any artificial light.


Indonesia Adventure Tour Packages You do as much or as little as you like. It’s your Indonesia adventure tour. Our job is to make sure it is unforgettable!